Stages Intensifs Académie de Paris – Winter

Last week, as part of the Stages Intensifs programme instigated by Académie de Paris, I led a week-long intensive course teaching English for twelve secondary-school students (level A2). The teaching took place at Lycée Emile Dubois.

I was given a free hand to fill the total of 15 hours of teaching time for the week (3 hours/day), with only two restrictions:

  • students must listen/speak as much as possible
  • we must decide on and work towards a special project for Friday.

A decision was reached by Monday midday: let’s do a radio news bulletin. Despite the course taking place during the holidays, the students were putting in a lot of effort. Working towards creating the news broadcast, we covered the following topics in the first four days:

  • how news broadcasts work
  • travelling / at the airport / delays
  • music and culture
  • weather
  • tourism / London

By the end of Thursday each student had their news item ready, which we then recorded in the first hour of the class on Friday morning. They then watched a film they chose, as a reward for their hard work, during which I edited together the full news broadcast for them to take home.

You can listen to it on the link below.

Radio Émile Dubois – News Bulletin

(6.3 MB)

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