Stages Intensifs Académie de Paris – Spring

As part of the Stages Intensifs programme instigated by Académie de Paris, I led a week-long intensive course teaching English for secondary-school students (level A2) Lycée-College Buffon.

I was given a free hand to fill the total of 15 hours of teaching time for the week (3 hours/day), with only two restrictions:

  • students must listen/speak as much as possible
  • we must decide on, and work towards a special project for Friday.

A decision was reached by Monday midday: let’s do a radio news bulletin. Despite the course taking place during the holidays, the students were putting in a lot of effort. Working towards creating the news broadcast, we covered the following topics in the first four days:

  • how news broadcasts work
  • travelling / at the airport / delays
  • music and culture
  • weather
  • tourism / London

By the end of Thursday each student had their news item ready, which we then recorded in the first hour of the class on Friday morning. They then watched a film they chose, as a reward for their hard work, during which I edited together the full news broadcast for them to take home. Our radio station’s name is ‘Radio Stage 22.6′, because we created the broadcast within the Stages Intensifs programme, and we were in room 226.

You can listen to it on the link below.

Radio Stage 22.6 – News Bulletin

(8.1 MB)

3 thoughts on “Stages Intensifs Académie de Paris – Spring

  1. Beaucoup d’activités, enseignant très sympa qui explique bien. Je remercie Peter, car grâce à lui, j’ai pu m’améliorer en anglais alors que je ne pensais pas en faire autant. Merci.

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